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[Re] Waste

Doob Tube

Doob Tube

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Introducing the [Re] Waste X Value Buds Doob Tubes – a game-changer in sustainability. Crafted from recycled plastics, this compact tube is designed to store and protect your rolled items while reducing plastic waste. Its sleek design ensures convenience on the go, while its durability keeps your smokes intact. Embrace eco-consciousness with the Doob Tube, making a positive impact on recycled plastic tube at a time.

Impact Numbers

With each [Re] Waste doob, we are able to divert plastics equivalent to 1 - 500ml water bottle,

Each product sold helps [Re] Waste employ people with different abilities through our Goodwill Career Connection parentship


Height : 4.25"
Diameter: 0.75"
Weight: 10 g

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