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EcoBin Lite

EcoBin Lite

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With our EcoBin Lite, we're revolutionizing the way you handle plastic waste. Our recycling program provides a convenient and eco-friendly solution for businesses and their customers alike to responsibly dispose of plastic materials.

Our EcoLite Bin is the ideal solution for rigid plastics, films, and other plastic packaging. Designed to perfectly suit retail businesses with limited square footage, these bins are a space-saving alternative to traditional recycling containers. Say goodbye to clutter and embrace sustainability with the EcoLite Bin!

Product Dimensions & Weight

The bin is 18" X 18" X 36" and holds up to 80 lbs of plastic material.
Shipments over 80lbs will be subject to additional shipping charges.

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How it Works:

  • Buy an EcoBin Lite
  • Set up the EcoBin Lite in your retail store and fill it with plastic materials
  • Seal the bin and use it as your shipping box
  • Send the box back to [Re] Waste with the prepaid shipping label.
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